“Love happens when he/she mails you long love notes.”
To us,

Agency love is promoting your business through mails!

We are an Email Marketing Company in Mumbai and play cupid to hit your target audience by sending mails through web or mobile phones. It is engagement at first sight!

This method of propagating your brand through mail makes communication between your customer and you direct and generates the right proportion of transparency.

The peculiarity of our HTML email outlines is, a. responsiveness and b. customised or tailored services as per the needs of your organization. Our “creatively spoiled” team makes it sure that your email doesn’t dive into the spam folder and pops out right where it needs to – inbox!

There exists a teeny – tiny yet essential concept called “Responsive Emailer”.

Responsive emailer gives your emails an identity, a face, not only on a tablet or laptop, but also on your cell phone in the form of a newsletter! Being visible and present through mobile phones is of crucial importance since it makes your brand or organization or company more approachable. We hold pride in being an efficient Newsletter Developer in Mumbai.

Through email marketing, you can simply be everywhere!

Why is it important to do email marketing ?