Digital Pizza

Why Digital Pizza? To catch your attention!  Yes, you read it right. But if you ask us, this is just the topping of the pizza. Digital Marketing is much beyond creating such eye-catching one-liners.
Let’s understand the ingredients in the making of this ‘PIZZA’, which by the way is the fastest growing industry. (By that, I mean Digital Marketing as well as Pizza :D). The ingredients are Website, SEO, SEM, Social media, Analytics, Content Creation. Digital Marketers use these ingredients to their benefit, in the amount they desire- which ultimately makes a good or a bad pizza.
A good digital pizza starts with a good Website crust. Other than the obvious fact, that it creates both brand identity and awareness online it helps you reach wider target audience. As much as it is important to have a good website content, it’s equally essential to optimize and maintain it.  The next two ingredients SEO and SEM are the chilli flakes and oregano of digital marketing. SEO-Search Engine Optimisation determines the page ranking in the search results. SEM- promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising.
Social media is the cheese of this pizza. Face book, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest are the different varieties , to choose from. Each of these, work differently depending on the brand you need to promote. Google Analytics is the pizza sauce, helps to understand how many people visit within a stipulated period and how long the user stays. Finally, the chicken/paneer topping of this pizza is the Content! Superior quality, informative, and relatable (target audience) content is essential ; people should visit and revisit your social media pages, website.
Perfect selection and amount of ingredients decides the fate of this Digi-Pizza, by serving to the customers (Brands, Clients).