We talk a lot about magic. Our “so – called” establishment is magical and mysterious (read Why Us). Here, we disclose our secret magic spell.

So *drum roll*, our secret magic spell is, keep your eyes open.

It is, you don’t want to miss it out.


Sorry but not sorry for being this lame because such is the power of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is that magic spell that can make your page/website prominently visible on all social media platforms and elsewhere.

The theory goes as follows:
You work in your best way. Every night, just before going to bed and every morning, just before getting out of it, in the shower, in the traffic, while pricking your nose or while struggling in a crowded bus, you think about being unique. Basically, you stay hyperactive all the time just to get your webpage the suitable attention. In agency language, just to get your website “more traffic”. But it still doesn’t happen. Great disappointment, right?

Dearest you,

You have been unaware of this wonderful thing called Search Engine Optimization (drum roll again, please?)

The team at SpoiledIdeas is trained on making the use of this magic spell (excuse the use of too much magic :P), that is, provide Top SEO Company in Mumbai. We work as per your brand requirement to provide your website with better search engine rankings. We have the right amount of experience and knowledge that is needed for your brand to display its credibility and yes, improve its search engine ranking thereby making you, what we call – “FAMOUS”. With an SEO agency in Mumbai like ours, you get to be there for the right people, at the right time, exactly when they need you. It’s a win – win situation!

What we include?
• Search Engine analysis of our website in Mumbai
• Link Trading
• SEO Copywriting
• Blog Maintenance
• SEO planning
What to expect out of this?
• Higher Visibility
• Higher Credibility
• Increase in leads and more customers
• Increase in brand awareness

And there you see your brand, shooting right up in the sky!

Why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is important ?